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Reclamation Horse Haven is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to saving horses that have been starved or abused. We are volunteers and our organization is funded only by charitable donations. We rescue horses and nurse them back to health with food, medication and love. We will adopt these horses to families who will give them the love and care that they have been denied.

Bill and Pam Horstman


Willy has a new home. We are so blessed to watch him go to his forever home with Darla. She gives riding lessons and trains horses. Willy also has 2 geldings he gets to pasture with. He loves his new home.

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Willy has been under saddle for about 5 months. He is doing great and we are ready to adopt him out to his forever home. He is just so cute and has a calm disposition. We will be praying for the right family to love and care for him.





Here is our update on Ruby. She is doing great gaining all of her weight back. We put her in training with Wendy Wynn but she couldn’t flex her neck on one side. Dr. Warren Wynn did some x-rays and she has 2 vertebrae that have fused together leaving her neck very stiff. She won’t be able to be trained under saddle. We are going to find her a family who can love her and let her just be a pasture buddy to other horses.



Last month we had to make a medical decision to euthanize Lucky. He was such a fighter and we were trying everything we could to help his condition. His liver enzymes were starting to elevate and also his kidneys were shutting down. We know he is in a better place but wanted him to survive. He will always live in our hearts.

New Rescue Horses

We rescued 2 horses from a horse lot in Louisiana, Thompson Horse Lot. They let one of our horses die before he got here and then falsely represented the condition of the other horses. We are thankful we got them out of there but the people should be prosecuted for letting these horses starve this way. We named them Lucky and Ruby. We have nourished them for a month now so I think they are going to make it. It will be a longer process to get them healthy for training but we know God has us covered.

Luke and Willie

I am excited to report that Luke and Willie are in training with my trainer Wendy White. They are doing so well and we look forward to seeing their progress. They both are very sweet and very smart. We are so thankful that we saved them from going to the slaughterhouse. Luke is only 2 yrs. old and he is the palomino and Willie is about 4 yrs. old. We know God has a forever family for them.


Willy out of Quarantine

Dr. Wynn came out today to check on Willy. He is now officially out of quarantine and able to go to pasture with Luke. It was so great to see our rescue horses bond in the pasture. They both have a long way to go with getting their weight back but I think they are so happy to be alive and not on a truck to Mexico to get slaughtered. Those who would like to donate would so much be appreciated to help us with the care of these horses. We have a pay-pal account or you can charge it on your credit card. The donations are tax-exempt.



Our rescue horse Willie arrived around Saturday morning at 1:30 am. Thanks to our barn manager Kayla and her husband at Lake Trail Stables, they were able to get Willie in his stall and start his recovery to being healthy. Warren Wynn our vet was able to exam him on Saturday that day and started him on a large dose of antibiotics because of his lung congestion. We are praying for a full recovery. Willie has a sweet disposition and I think he is thankful for us saving him. If I had not seen him on that kill pen website that day, He was being loaded on a trailer to Mexico for slaughter. We know Willie will be a great horse for someone who can give him a permanent home of love.





We have just saved the life of another horse going to slaughter. We saw Luke on a Kill Pen website. He was only 2 yrs. old and we couldn’t bare knowing that he was headed to slaughter the same day we bought him. We look forward to getting him healthy because he was pretty beat up and very malnourished.