Well, we went to see the horses today and again clean stalls. Rosie is doing great in her training and boy, she is a ham in front of the camera. Ranger is loping in the round pen and Wendy and Cherami say he has a smooth gait. I can hardly wait to ride him myself. We also visited Fancy in the ESMC. The Vet said she is healing well and that she might be able to be dismissed the end of the week. Fancy is going to be our miracle horse through a lot of many prayers. Keep praying for a full recovery. We love to see these horses get a new lease on life which is what Reclamation Horse Haven is all about. Thank you donors for your full support.Fancy at ESMC

Newly is being trained by Jackalynn my friend at Park Ridge Stables. He is doing well and I think she wants to adopt him in September. I hope it works out for her because due to  Newly’s emotional and physical abuse, he needs a patient and slow hand working with him. They are a great fit together.

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