Great Week-end

Newly has truly been the center of attention lately. Jackalynne at Park Ridge Stables has agreed to start training him. My friend Sherry came out to see the barn and Newly definitely started flirting with her. He is such a lady’s man for sure.

 Jackalynne also worked with Newly and she was able to lead him into a wash area to get a bath. Most horses don’t like the feeling of being enclosed and Newly just pranced right in. He truly wants to please.

Also, at Park Ridge, I had 2 high school students come out and clean stalls for me. They needed to accumulate volunteer hours for their school and it really helps me out. Of course, they have to muck stalls and do other various jobs that require a lot of sweat and labor. I think they really enjoyed being there. Eventually, I hope to have them exercising the horses in the round pen. I really am thankful that 3 boys want to get involved. Gabe and Spencer came out Saturday and Gabe came back today. Looking forward to working with the guys again soon.


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