Update on Fansy, she is at her new home and has to be confined because she has to where a cast on her injured leg. She continues to improve daily and we are anxious to show you better pictures when we get them.

New Pics Update on Horses in training

First of all, Rosie, Miss Kitty and Ranger are doing great in Weatherford. Miss Kitty just was transferred the first of June. Now, all three horses will be under saddle training for about 3 months or longer. Here are their pics: Ranger is handsome.Miss Kitty is a beauty queen

Now our new posts for Newly. He is in training with Jacklynn and, hopefully she will adopt him in September. They are really a good fit together and Newly is a sweet boy.

 Grace and Little Ruth are doing well. Gosh, that baby is so cute. She really likes to kick up her heels and run when she is out in the open. Bill and I will let her out tomorrow to run and exercise. Watching her nurse, is a beautiful sight to see:


Chance Hanging with his buddies

Boy, this makes me cry seeing how Chance is doing so well. He was our 2nd saved horse and really didn’t have a chance to live. We prayed God would give him a 2nd chance to live and now he is able to pasture with his buddies. Wow, if you really knew how bad he was, you would know that this is one of our great success stories. Chance is the horse on the far right in the pic. Enjoy: Chance now. Chance before pic!!!

Torrey’s family

I went to Weatherford yesterday and finally met Torrey’s adopted family. I was so blessed to meet them and they were giving Torrey a bath. I just couldn’t believe how great Torrey is doing. Dyane, Chessa, and Kayleigh are doing a wonderful job. 

Newly and Little Ruth

Today I had to post Newly’s front teeth. It cracks me up when I raise his muzzle and his teeth are so bucked. He is such a good boy and Jacklynn is really doing a great job training him. He is such a success story because of his abuse. Someone was very mean to him I also let Little Ruth out of her stall and she really liked running. In fact, she can pick up some speed. She is just too cute. We are so thankful that they both were saved.IMG_0143

Our New Rescue Horses

Monday was a busy day for our little ones at Park Ridge Stables. The Vet came out to give the Mom shots and diagnosed rain rot. The baby was just fine. She needs to nurse about 2 more months. We have named the Mom- Grace and the baby- Ruth. They were both saved by the Grace of God. Enjoy the videos:IMG_0120 IMG_0115

Here are pics from going to Weatherford on Tues. Miss Kitty has arrived for training and Rosie is under saddle. They are going to be great horses.


Mom and baby saved from slaughter

Reclamation has just picked up a  2 horses from going to slaughter. It was a Mom and her Filly  both headed to slaughter. We are so excited in saving their lives and knowing they will never be starved again. I know you will enjoy their pics. Thank you again donors for your financial and emotional support to save horses who so deserve to live a wonderful quality of life. Enjoy!!!

Chance in Aledo

Chance has a new home right now. Laura Campbell has graciously donated her pasture for Chance to live at this summer. She videoed his reaction and she said Chance was so happy. He was bucking and running around. Praise God because he is such a good boy and needs to be in a pasture all the time.IMG_0077 (1)