Well, we went to see the horses today and again clean stalls. Rosie is doing great in her training and boy, she is a ham in front of the camera. Ranger is loping in the round pen and Wendy and Cherami say he has a smooth gait. I can hardly wait to ride him myself. We also visited Fancy in the ESMC. The Vet said she is healing well and that she might be able to be dismissed the end of the week. Fancy is going to be our miracle horse through a lot of many prayers. Keep praying for a full recovery. We love to see these horses get a new lease on life which is what Reclamation Horse Haven is all about. Thank you donors for your full support.Fancy at ESMC

Newly is being trained by Jackalynn my friend at Park Ridge Stables. He is doing well and I think she wants to adopt him in September. I hope it works out for her because due to  Newly’s emotional and physical abuse, he needs a patient and slow hand working with him. They are a great fit together.

Our Miracle Horse

Reclamation has accepted a gaited horse who is lame and needs surgery like today. She was injured about a week ago and the owners were upset about putting her down. They have only  had the small horse for about 6 months and had bought her for their daughter. We started praying for Fancy and decided it was in God’s hands because the injury was so severe. Fancy basically was going to be put down and my friend Kellye intervened. Fancy left for the Equine Sports Center  and had surgery Thursday morning. The doctors have given her an 80% chance of a full recovery. We call her our Miracle Horse. Her are some pics from before surgery and after surgery:

Newly’s Day

Newly was so funny today. First of all, he was such a flirt with 2 new mares today. He was running around the pasture like he thought he was still a stud. I have never seen him so flirty and energetic. He looks like he wanted me to rub his belly but I definitely didn’t take him up on it.

Great Week-end

Newly has truly been the center of attention lately. Jackalynne at Park Ridge Stables has agreed to start training him. My friend Sherry came out to see the barn and Newly definitely started flirting with her. He is such a lady’s man for sure.

 Jackalynne also worked with Newly and she was able to lead him into a wash area to get a bath. Most horses don’t like the feeling of being enclosed and Newly just pranced right in. He truly wants to please.

Also, at Park Ridge, I had 2 high school students come out and clean stalls for me. They needed to accumulate volunteer hours for their school and it really helps me out. Of course, they have to muck stalls and do other various jobs that require a lot of sweat and labor. I think they really enjoyed being there. Eventually, I hope to have them exercising the horses in the round pen. I really am thankful that 3 boys want to get involved. Gabe and Spencer came out Saturday and Gabe came back today. Looking forward to working with the guys again soon.


Busy Day With the Horses

Gosh,first of all, I headed to Weatherford to watch Ranger in his training.He has been in training for less than a month and the trainer is already riding him in the round pen. He is just too beautiful and so easy-going.

 Miss Rosie is moving to another stall because she is becoming too friendly with the horse next to her by nipping and also nipping those who walk by. She wants to say hello in a negative way. She is definitely a red-head for sure!! Ha!! I then headed to Park Ridge Stables where I worked  Newly. He worked real well in the round pen with his new saddle and I also gave him a bath. He is just a good boy who truly has a lot of scarring to overcome but with God and us loving him, I know he will have a great future.








Training at Park Ridge Stables

Was able to work with Miss Kittie and Newly today. Miss Kittie is ready for Weatherford next month. I was able to clean her feet today and she is really good in the arena. She is a beautiful horse and very smart.  Newly took his saddle well and also worked in the arena. We did have some drama with him today. I put him out in a new pasture down below the barn, and he was running down 377. He obviously jumped the fence and will never be going to that pasture again. Thank you God that he didn’t get run over.


Today, Bill helped me in Weatherford and also at Park Ridge. Rosie is doing well in training and I have been told that she is very spoiled. We think she is a POA and will make a great kids horse. Love that girl.  We also gave Ranger a lot of love. He is doing great and has such a great disposition. I can hardly wait until both horses are trained and I can ride them before they are adopted out. Bill and Ranger look great together. We headed to Park Ridge and boy, Norma Jean is a knock-out. She is becoming prettier and prettier. She is ready to be adopted out and hopefully we can find a great home for her.

Update on Our Horses

Newly has come back to Park Ridge Stables until October. We decided to send our other horses to training and save Newly until we can spend more time with him. He definitely has some emotional scaring but I know He will be a great horse. Of course, I am so prejudice because I love them all.

Rosie went to Weatherford for training and she is doing great!! I call her Nosy Rosie because she is always wanting to be the center of attention. Ranger is doing good with his training, he has been in training for a month.Rosie

Ranger had a bath today after he did a good job with his trainer. Chance loves eating and will never starve again. He has a couple of buddies he hangs with and pastures everyday.

Norma Jean is doing well at Park Ridge. I try to ride her at least 3-4 times a week and she is up for adoption. Hopefully, we can find a great home for her soon.