Ranger in Training

Wednesday was a big day. Norma Jean came back to Park Ridge Stables to maybe being adopted out and Ranger headed to Weatherford. He is now in his training and doing quite well. The horses are gaining their weight and now on their next journey to training in Weatherford.

Weatherford on Monday

Well, went to ride Norma Jean on Monday and Tuesday. She did really well. She is looking so good. Her training is over and she will be coming back to Park Ridge to be adopted out.

Newly was in time-out. I was told he bucked his trainer off twice. I was worried he might not be trainable but I was reassured that he is a great horse but it will take time for him to trust again. He came from an abusive life and needs lots of love which we are going to provide.

Norma Jean

Norma Jean is getting ready to come back to Park Ridge Stables. I rode her today for the first time. I think she will be a good horse. She just needs to know who is going to be the boss. Love that girl.