Newly during training session

I watched Newly work out today. He did so good for Cherimi. He let her get up on the saddle and he took the bit really well. He is such a sweet boy. He will take him awhile to trust again but he is doing better.

I am working with the girls and Ranger to stay tied and let me lift their feet. They need to get use to having a farrier trim their feet. They are doing so good. I love working with these horses.



Monday at the Barn

Worked all of the horses on Monday. All of them went to the round pen and also I tied up the girls for about 30 min. each. I brushed them and hopefully they understand that being tied up and standing still is a one of the beginning steps to being a great riding horse. I love to watch them progress. They are such great horses and love being alive!!!

Beautiful Miss Kitty

After their workout today!! Rosie loves her sister Miss Kitty!!!

Ranger is resting!!Has a cold!!

Got a pic from Weatherford, Newly had his first bath yesterday!! Go Newly!!


Busy Day at the Barn

First of all, I went to Park Ridge Stables this morning. The horses really worked hard today. I worked Rosie first in the round pen and then Miss Kitty. They ran hard and then got to go outside to pasture. I then took Ranger to the round pen and he ran and had more energy especially after his surgery about 10 days ago from and stud to a gelding.Miss Kittie

Went to Weatherford and saw Newly. Cleaned his stall and also Norma Jeans. They were outside and had their training today. Loved on both of them. Thank you Lord for helping me save the lives of these horses. They so deserve to live!!!


Newly and Norma Jean

Newly and Norma Jean are in Weatherford and are doing well with their training. Newly has had a saddle on and is taking the bit well. He will be a great riding horse. Norma Jean likes to get up and go so hopefully with the training she will have more direction.  They are great horses.

Ranger Work-Out

Bill helped me lunge Ranger today. He has to keep exercising for about 4 days so that his wound will heal without getting infected. This is another venue for me because I have never had a Stud gelded. He is such a sweetie and will be a great horse, but I say that about all of the horses. I worked Rosie and Miss Kittie in the round pen and they did good. Miss Kittie hates me to work with her feet though, so that is going to be a challenge. Reclamation has truly been blessed with our saved horses!! Donations would be so appreciated to keep these guys moving forward in their progress!!


Ranger went from Stud to Gelding

Busy day today. Waited for Dr. Wynn to come out and geld Ranger. I tried to get my son-n-law to come out for a 2-fer but he declined. After the procedure, I can see why!!. I know it had to be done but have never seen the operation. Ranger came out of the sedation well, and wasn’t mad but my sympathy is definitely for him. I have to work him everyday for 4 days so the open wound will drain properly and not get an infection. I have my work cut out for me but I love that Reclamation rescued him.

Busy Week-End for Reclamation

Friday was a busy day, Chance was transferred over to Park Ridge Stables because Norma Jean had to be taken to training and get her teeth floated. She has gained all her weight back and looks great. Chance loves his new stall because it is outside and he gets go pasture when I am there which is everyday. Friday night I went to the Stephenville horse sale and it was quite an experience. Gosh, I felt so sorry for all the horses and picked up a Stud who was probably headed for slaughter. He is a two year old Grullo Paint and I can’t believe he is so gentle. Thank you Lord, for this boy’s life and how Reclamation reclaimed his life. I was definitely busy this week-end getting all the horses in new stalls. Love it though. Saturday, went out to clean stalls and groomed Norma Jean. Her muzzle is clean-shaved and she was a great trooper during the process. Also, Miss Torrey has a new home. We are so happy to see her go to a wonderful loving family and she will bring a great blessing to them.

 Torrey’s New Family

Newly watching me clean!

Norma Jean’s clean muzzle.

Chance grazing at Park Ridge Stables, his new home.

Our new Paint, Ranger!! Saved from slaughter.

Miss Kitty and Rosie taking it easy

What a great week-end with the horses.