Back from Colorado and the horses look great!!

First of all, I went to Weatherford today to see Chance, Newly and Torrey. Torrey was out running around with her playmates and Chance was grazing in the pasture. He really looks great!! Newly let us take him out of his stall and then we walked him around the pasture. He is a love, and loves to receive kisses. After cleaning stalls, we headed to Park Ridge Stables. The girls, Rosie and Miss Kittie went to pasture with Norma Jean. Norma Jean will be leaving for training the end of the week and look forward to seeing her progress. Gosh, we have been blessed with theses grateful horses who are thankful for being saved.

Norma Jean and the Girls Worked Out Today

Took Norma Jean to the round pen today. She did great. She definitely has been worked before. I decided to put a blanket and saddle on her and then took her back to work. She did great!! She has really a nice canter and I know she will ride smoothly!! Yeah!! I also took Miss Kitty and Rosie to the round pen. They were loping fast and went great in both directions. I just love my horses. Thank you God for Reclamation Horse Haven!!!

Park Ridge Stable Horses

Worked Miss Kittie in the round pen today. She did great!! Rosie and Miss Kittie went to pasture and love being outside. Rosie is little Miss Nosey at times. She is so cute.

Norma Jean loves to be outside. She is gaining her weight back and is very loving. I love Palominos because they are so gentle and beautiful horses. I’m so thankful that the Humane Society at North Texas trusted us to save Norma Jean’s life.


Newly and Torrey

Went to see Torrey today and ride her. She is a beautiful horse. She rides very smoothly. Newly was having his lesson. He is just too cute. This is his first month in training and he was tied up to a post after his lesson. He is going to be a great horse and we think has a lot of Arabian in him. He just loves to get kisses and hugs.

Newly’s New Home

Well, Newly went to Weatherford today. He was getting to be a big boy and need to have Wendy my trainer start with him. He did great getting the halter on, but stepping down into a stall was challenging to say the least. He did a great job and now loves his new home. I can hardly wait to see his progress with Wendy. Go Newly!! He will be at home with Chance and Torrey!!