Today’s Events

Norma Jean went out to pasture and rolled in the mud. She was so excited to be outside since the rain dampered her outside activity for about 3 days.

Rosie was trying to eat the grass outside the fence and Newly was just chilling outside. It was a gorgeous day and the horses loved being outside.




Working with the Little Ones Today

After church, I went out to the barn and decided to clean stalls and work with the Little Ones. I started with Newly. We have had a set back with the halter. He doesn’t want to take it any more!! I just need to have patience. Miss Kitty has a halter and was able to walk her around her stall and she was very receptive to my commands. I then took Rosie out in the big arena and started lunging her. Everything was going well until a horse in a trailer started kicking inside the trailer. Rosie took off and I had to retrieve her from the outdoor arena. Rosie has been our easy pupil but now I know that these babies can do anything if spooked. I feel like it was a good day. Boy, it was windy though!!!

Weatherford Barn

Today, I had my helper again. He really does a good job with that manure scooper. He definitely had an audience. Torrey was watching and her friend in the next stall. It was a good day!! Chance is still gaining weight and is getting stronger!!

Norma Jean and Her Feet

Hey, today, Norma Jean is a different girl. Her feet were so bad. The farrier came today and Norma Jean danced back to her stall. Her feet looked so much better and I know Norma felt better. Love that girl.

Her feet were so bad as you can see from the picture.!!

 Norma Jean can finally walk now without pain.



Norma Jean

We have decided to name our new horse Norma Jean. She is going to be beautiful. I gave her a good wash today because she was so dirty coming from the Humane Society. She had just arrived to their facility and I am so thankful they let us take care of her. Will keep you updated on her progress.


Working with Newly and Rosie on Friday

Gosh, what a great day!! Newly made his first visit to the round pen!! He broke away and eventually made it down to where we wanted him to be. He had to visit with some other boarders before he got to his destination. Sandy helped me lunge him in the round pen and he did great for his first time. He haltered back to the pasture without any problems!!

Rosie was a charm today!! She took a saddle and didn’t even move. That girl is the best horse and loves to please whoever works with her. She is just too cute!!