Miss Kittie and Rosie


  Miss Kitty has the most beautiful eyes. Her eye lashes are to die for. I better watch those stud horses out at the barn. She looks like she has eye-lash extensions and they are natural.

Rosie is always ready for food. That is her favorite time of the day as you can see!! Ha!!






Today, I ran Torrey around the arena for 5 minutes. I was panting and she was loving it. She wasn’t even tired. What’s wrong with that picture, Ha!! She is looking so good and will start her training in February.


Rosie Update

It was a busy day today. Rosie received the halter again with no problems. She also was following me with the lead rope. Yeah, Rosie, you are great to work with. Newly let me brush him on the side of his face, and also his back. Miss Kitty is always friendly. She has the most beautiful eyes and very sweet.

Rosie,Newly, and Miss Kitty

Went to feed our little ones today, and Rosie took the halter again. She also let me lead her from side to side. We are really making progress with her. Newly let me brush him and rub on his face and Miss Kitty was very friendly. I think this week I will try the halter on her. They have really settled into their new home and I think are very happy to be alive.


Had great success with Rosie today. She accepted her halter. She surprised me and also herself. We had our first baby step. I know she will be halter broken soon. Miss Kitty wasn’t as accepting. She tossed it up in the air and I think cussed me in horse language. Hopefully, next time.

Newly let me rub his head and neck which is progress. Love these babies!!!

Our little ones

Miss Kitty, Newly, and Rosie got to pasture today. They were so excited to be out of their stalls and were out all day. With a little coaxing with a can of feed, they followed me back into their stalls without any problems. Newly loved his forehead rub, and Rosie almost excepted the halter today from Barbara. What a joy to see progress, and hope to see it continue.

Torrey is really enjoying the mares out at the barn and they have really accepted her. Chance continues to gain weight and I can tell he is so joyful because he is receiving so much love.

Torrey and Chance

Cleaned Chance’s stall today, he is just enjoying life right now. He loves to wander around the barn and graze. He is gaining weight but has a long way to go. Torrey, on the other hand, is looking  well and loves to graze out in the pasture with my horse. She has attracted the attention of 2 clients who board there and I think she will have a home soon. We will be training her in the next couple of weeks when she puts on more weight around her hips.

Up date on Newly

Newly let me scratch his forehead for about 5 min. today. I can tell he is curious and wants to be more friendly but is still hesitant. Of course, Miss Kitty and Rosie are really enjoying being brushed and scratched under their chins. I have been bringing in the halter and just letting them smell it and putting the lead rope around their necks. They are very curious but not too receptive yet.