Newly having a message

We are getting Newly therapy with Sandra Galanska. She specializes in therapy for horses that have been abused. Newly definitely has some emotional scaring and he is such a sweet boy. I am thankful I found Sandra through a doctor at the Cancer center in Fort Worth. She also specializes in giving messages to cancer patients.

Sunday Our Eventful Day

We really had a day that kept Bill and I very busy. We went to church and headed to the barn. Norma Jean’s new adopted family was picking her up and we wanted to bathe her and get her ready for her new home. Perry and his daughter Brittany picked her up around noon. I started crying telling them about her history and boy, couldn’t believe I was so emotional letting her go. Well, she is in a great home. Thank you Vaunne for getting us in touch with the Abney family. Here is Norma Jean’s pasture mate.His name is Blaze and I am so happy for Norma Jean.

Sunday, we also had Hannah colic on us. We were so worried. She is such a sweet horse and I have never had a horse colic before. She was pretty sick and we stayed with her for about 10 hours. Dr. Buck Neil finally came out to see if she was going to make it and she did. She is just so thin and probably got sick because of the new food she was getting. She is on the road to recovery. Yeah, because that gave us a scare for sure.

I went to Weatherford today and was able to ride Ranger. He is doing so well in training and also Miss Kittie got a blanket on her back. I really love watching my little ones advance in their training.

New Adopted Horses

Well, just landed in Texas. We enjoyed Colorado with our family and also seeing our friends .Looking forward to seeing our horses. We adopted a 6 month old filly and a 2 yr.old mare. I can hardly wait to see them. Susan and Doug bought them at the auction in Stephenville. They are in poor health but that is what we do. Thank you Lord again that we were able to save 2 more horses.

Newly and Norma Jean

Well, Norma Jean and Newly were just hanging out Friday while Barbara cleaned their stalls. There has been a change of plan in Newly’s life. Thank you, Jackalynn, for putting the time in with him but we think that Newly will need more extensive training with therapy. I have contacted Sandra Golanska who is a Equine Therapy Specialist and we are sending Newly to Weatherford again He will be boarding with Cherami his previous trainer and receive his treatment there. I love Newly and will never give up on him because of his emotional abuse that he received when he was young. God is in control and I am giving Him the reins to Newly’s life. Norma Jean will remain at Park Ridge for Tonya to ride and enjoy.


Update on Fansy, she is at her new home and has to be confined because she has to where a cast on her injured leg. She continues to improve daily and we are anxious to show you better pictures when we get them.