Update on Fancy

Just got a great pic of Fancy. She is doing well and looks great. I am so thankful with the help of Kellye and her positive determination to save her life, we were able to take Fancy to The Equine Sports Center in Weatherford. She is now on the road to recovery. Of course, we consider her our miracle horse that God answered our prayers to save her from being euthanized. Also, thank you again Sofia and family for allowing us to take over her care. God bless your wonderful family.

Update on Horses in Weatherford

I went to see all the horses in Weatherford today. Hannah and Abby are doing well. They are gaining weight and look great. Chance looks good too. We started him on a program of shots to help his hips. He is definitely eating well and loving being out in the pasture. Abby


RosieMiss Kitty

Cleaned Rosie and Miss Kitty’s stall while they hung out next to the trailer. Miss Kitty is just so beautiful with those eyes and Rosie is so cute and loves to be the center of attention.



New Pictures in Weatherford

Here is our update on Ranger, Miss Kittie, and Little Grace. We will post more pics when we go to Weatherford on Monday. I also will update pics with Landry Hudman. She is so precious and is making bracelets to raise money for Reclamation Horse Haven. Thank you Lord for her sweet her and talent.Miss Kittie Little Grace laying down licking her feet. Cutie!!


I have some sad news to share, in fact, I’m still crying. We had to make a decision to send Zoey to our Heavenly Father. She was loosing her eyesight quickly and it was definitely frightening her. When she was led out of her stall, she would panic and not know where she was going. It broke my heart. I am thankful we saved her for a short time and she will always remain in our hearts.

Newly’s new adoptive parents

We are so blessed to adopt Newly to Rochelle and her daughter Lacy!! He really loves them both and they know Newly is special!! He was abused and remembers it because he is so sensitive!! Thank you Rochelle for understanding and bonding with Newly. What great home!!Sandra worked on Newly before he went to his new home. She is our Equine therapist and works with abused rescue horses. Here is Rochelle’s video today training Newly.IMG_0509 (1)