I have sad news to share with our followers. Chance has been moved to my trainer’s facility. His back leg has been getting worse to where he is leaning on the feeder and then when he was moved to a stall, he leans against his stall. I have really loved that boy and we are so blessed to have saved him for almost 2 years. The vet is afraid he is going to break his leg and then really suffer. We now have to make a decision to euthanize him so he doesn’t have to suffer. He has been getting pain medicine almost everyday since his move. I know I will see Chance again eternally and we will both enjoy our ride together. What a sweet boy and a definite survivor!! Love you Chance!!

Another Adoption

Grace went to a wonderful family today. Kaylea came out and picked her up for her niece who is only 3 months old. They are so excited about training her and when her neice is old enough to ride, she will have a beautiful Grace. Thank you Lord again for a great family. It  truly blesses our lives.

New Adoption

Abby was adopted today to Lynn who I know will provide a great home. She has been transferred to Park Ridge Stables and I am elated because I will be able to see her progress. Thank you Lynn for adopting a great horse. Reclamation Horse Haven has been blessed again.

Weatherford today

Went to see the girls today. Hannah is coming along well in her training. We have found out that she is a very dominate mare and we have to watch who she pastures with. She can do some mean kicks to the other horses if we don’t watch her.

Abby and Grace were out in the pasture just taking in the rays. It really turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.Abby

Weatherford Girls

Bill and I went out to see our girls. They are all doing so well. I rode Rosie on Friday and she is doing well in training. They are all so sweet and are close to being adopted out to someone who will love them as much as we love them.Hannah is truly a nice riding horse with a calm disposition. Of course we can’t forget Rosie, who is definintely our Nosy Rosie. She has a fun disposition and always wants to be the center of attention.

Our girls in Weatherford

Grace is just hanging out. She is doing well and will be under saddle soon. Abby’s little face is healing well. She is really so sweet. We are really lucky having such sweet girls. Rosie is hiding in the corner. She rides so smoothly. Hannah is under saddle and rides well. Gosh, love those girls. Grace