Frisco’s Adoption

We are so blessed. Jessie fell in love with Frisco when he was at my trainer’s facility.  Wendy, our trainer, would let Jessie help when she was available and I think that is where their bond formed. Jessie’s Mom and Dad gave her a surprise birthday gift in November and now Frisco has a forever home and we are so happy that Jessie loves him.




We saved Frisco in June. His owner couldn’t take care of him and she was moving out of town. He was slightly malnourished and younger than 2 yrs. of age. We are excited about training him so he can go to his forever home.




Tobias (Toby)

We just picked up another horse from Bluebonnet Equine Society to foster. He was a stallion and very underweight. We gelded him the next day and he wasn’t too happy about that since he has been a stud for 5 years.  We are so blessed to help him get healthy and ready to be adopted. He has a great personality and is very verbal when he sees a mare. I look forward to working with him when he gains some weight


Whinny Girl

Our Tennessee Walker went into training in November. She has gained her weight and  now the training begins. She is very gentle and sweet and we can tell that whoever owned her was very hard on her face with a bit. She has been under saddle and we have to go slow so she knows that she is not going to be punished. Thanks to Sarah Reese who on her birthday in November asked her friends in lieu of presents to donate to Reclamation Horse Haven. We are so blessed to have young kids donating their money to give a horse an opportunity to go to a forever home and be loved and never abused again. Wendy White is our trainer and she has done such a great job getting our rescue horses to a point where they can be ridden and adopted. Thanks to all who continue to support us, we are so blessed to save these beautiful animals.

Whinny Girl

We have a foster horse from Bluebonnet Equine Society. She is a TWH and she is a very sweet horse. We got her in August and we are now putting her in training because she has gained her weight and is doing so well.

Cooper and Hank

Hank and Cooper were adopted in October. We were so proud of them. In June, they went to the Bluebonnet Equine Challenge program. Cooper was trained by Kristy and Hank was trained by Twilight. We went to Austin and they both got adopted out to a forever homes. We felt blessed to have kept them as long as we could.

Hank in training

 Hank is doing so well. He is starting to trust and has advanced so quickly. He still needs a lot of reassurance that he is safe and will not be abused. It  saddens me that he has been so mistreated. We hope we can help him forget his past so he can look forward to a great future being loved and cared for.


Well, we have another horse. He came from San Marcos and we are helping Bluebonnet Equine Society in fostering this boy. He came to us very starved. He is very sweet and I think will be a great horse. I am so thankful we can help these horses back onto the road to recovery. He is a very special boy.










Well, we have been silent for awhile because we have been waiting to adopt another horse. We are fostering Hank for Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. We transferred Hank about a week ago to Wendy White’s facility where we are renting their stalls. He is a big guy and needs more weight so we will help him get healthy and then see how much he knows under saddle. Thank you again for your donations and your support while we find forever homes for these magnificent animals. Pam and Bill