Progress with Newly

Sunday I went to the stables and worked with the little ones. Rosie went to the arena and followed me around like a puppy dog. She wasn’t afraid of the whip so I just let her follow me. She is so cute. Newly let me put a halter one him today. That is definitely a step forward for him because he has been skittish since his arrival. Miss Kitty almost received the halter but I didn’t have as much time with her since I worked with Rosie and Newly. I will start with her tomorrow. These are wonderful animals and deserve to be alive!!

Great helper today!!

Talked Bill into going to the barn today. He helped me clean 5 stalls. We stripped at least 3 of them and will add shaving tonight!! We had a success story today. Rosie haltered to the pasture with ease and she let me take her halter off before she joined her buddies, Miss Kittie and Newly. That is alot of progress. Will work her in a round pen next week and see how far we get. Have definitely enjoyed training her, and she has been a great horse for my first time around.

We headed to Weatherford and saw Chance and Torrey. Torrey is really looking good. Chance still needs to gain his weight but loves to be brushed.


Yesterday 12/8/2011

Yesterday was very busy. Went to see Chance and Torrey. Cleaned there stalls and took pics. They are doing so well. Chance did scare us last night when he choked on his food, but recovered quickly.Thank you so much for your donations. Torrey and Chance are gaining there weight back and loving life again.

Here are our little ones. Newly and Miss Kitty are taking the halter on their noses. Newly is definitely trusting me now but still a little unsure. The girls are very friendly. Rosie is our # 1 student. She is haltering and went to the big pasture. She took off and I had to let her settle down to get here halter off. She then haltered back to her stall without any problems. She is our A+ student as of now.






Miss Kittie and Rosie


  Miss Kitty has the most beautiful eyes. Her eye lashes are to die for. I better watch those stud horses out at the barn. She looks like she has eye-lash extensions and they are natural.

Rosie is always ready for food. That is her favorite time of the day as you can see!! Ha!!






Today, I ran Torrey around the arena for 5 minutes. I was panting and she was loving it. She wasn’t even tired. What’s wrong with that picture, Ha!! She is looking so good and will start her training in February.